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This is the website of the TEXAS RANGERS airsoft team. We’re a well-known airsoft team based in Russia. Moscow, and have been active since 2009.

Currently we hold about 40+ active members. 

Our team is a member of Russian the Airsoft Association. We are actively playing in major airsoft games in open field as well as in CQB, and we are advancing some great tactical trainings.

In Russian airsoft (which is commonly known as "strikeball"), it is not customary to have a team without some central idea. Other teams are based on lots of types of armed forces, including Russian, European, US, PMC-type and some others. We've chosen the modern US constitutional militia movement, and the state of Texas for its denizens’ peculiar qualities, national characters and complicated history. 

Our opinion is that essential purpose of airsoft is fun, so the basis of our team is friendship. We are not stressing on the hardcore discipline and exercises, but we hold important fair-play, teamwork and good attitude.

In 2012 our team was one of the first to use the A-TACS FG as the main camo. Since 2017 we switched to the OCP (MultiCam).

Accepted airsoft weaponry include AR-15 series rifles (M4/M16 assault rifles and their variations), M249 SAW, some AKs with tactical mods, along with the various sidearms originally available in the US.

Most of our equipment (tactical vests, pads, belts and other) is in Coyote Brown and Dark Earth colors. We are trying to look authentic as much as possible.

Unfortunately, most of the materials on this site are in Russian (and Google Translate from Russian often distorts the meaning). Yet we're welcoming international players. Many of our teammates are fluent in English.

DISCLAIMER: Our airsoft team is not involved in baseball, golf or other sports. Nor do we plan to be involved in any way. "Texas Rangers" is a shortened version of "Texas Militia Rangers".

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